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Digital Educator Membership is a Course

Digital Educator Membership

Time limit: 365 days

$50 Enroll

Full course description

Digital Educator Membership

Interested in participating in future webinars and courses from the LBJ Library? Our Digital Educator Membership will allow you access to all courses and webinar series for one year for $50. Your membership includes the following for one year from the date of your enrollment:

  • Link to livestream of all webinars 
  • Access to all semester webinar courses (fall, spring, summer)
    • Access to recordings of all webinars for asynchronous, self paced learning
    • Access to learning modules with additional resources and discussion groups with fellow educators
  • Access to additional self-paced, asynchronous courses currently in development
  • 45 minute session with a LBJ Library education specialist to provide professional development for your school, consult on curriculum, or speak to your class.
  • More perks to come!

Signing up for our Digital Educator Membership will provide you with access to our spring webinar series, We the People: A Work in Progress.





In early 2021 we will be offering a fully self-paced, asynchronous course entitled LBJ's America to everyone who has registered for the Digital Educator Membership. LBJ Presidential Library Director Dr. Mark Lawrence will place LBJ within the broad historical context of American History through the following sessions:

1.     The Crash and the Reinvigoration of the Liberal Tradition
2.     Liberalism Triumphant: The New Deal
3.     Liberalism (Even More) Triumphant: World War II

4.     Postwar Challenges: Social Retrenchment and the Cold War
5.     Finding a New Equilibrium: the 1950s
6.     Prosperity and Its Discontents
7.     From the New Frontier to the Great Society
8.     The Great Society at High Tide
9.     Liberalism in Retreat
10.  The Search for a New Political Center, 1969-1980


The course will include recorded lectures from Dr. Lawrence, related archival resources, reading recommendations, and lesson plans. We will also plan a live question and answer session with Dr. Lawrence in the spring semester. 

Details on course registration will be announced in early 2021 in the Digital Educator Membership Canvas course. See below to join the membership program and be the first to receive information on this upcoming offering!